Lamelle Pharmaceuticals is a South African pharmaceutical company that produces highly advanced products for the pharmaceutical market, both locally and increasingly internationally.

Our PCOS Solution

Using an inspired blend of ingredients, including a naturally-occurring complex that’s part of the vitamin B family, Ovaria is a brand-new ovarian-health nutritional supplement. Our main ingredient is 4000mg Myoinositol, the required daily dose clinically proven to be effective in the treatment of PCOS symptoms.

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Prelox Range

The Prelox brand is a clinically tested supplement indicated to manage erectile dysfunction, and sperm quality. Within this range, the Lady Prelox blend is proven to help with female libido as well menopausal symptoms effectively and safely. The Prelox range unique blend is backed up by science and includes a patented ingredient named Pycnogenol which is found from an extract of the French Maritime pine tree (Pinus pinaster). A super antioxidant blended with ingredients proven to support your needs.

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Nia-Sol is a health supplement to promote, enhance and maintain skin health, and reduce the risk of pre-cancerous skin lesions.

Nia-Sol helps to protect and improve the internal structure of skin damaged by UV radiation.

When taken at the recommended dose, Nia-Sol provides 500mg of nicotinamide, 10mg French Maritime Pine Bark Extract, and 100UI of vitamin D3 per day.

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Are you battling with breakouts? Many things contribute to the formation of acne but, for the most part, we can thank our fluctuating hormones. These can cause our skin to become oily and shed in clumps as opposed to cell by cell, forming bumps and pimples. Fortunately, this type of inflammatory acne can be dramatically improved with ACleo.

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Pelo Baum

Pelo Baum is the ultimate hair treatment. It is a clinically proven hair loss treatment that may help promote longer, thicker and healthier hair.

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Our Promise to you


The main focus of Lamelle Pharmaceuticals is the drive to constantly and consistently achieve optimum results. This drive is what the foundation of the company was built on.


The ingredients of our products are of the best quality on the international market. Your interest and wellbeing is what is most important to us.


No matter the place or time, our on site medical professionals are willing to support you regarding any of our products.